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 During the late 1800's a small group of Christians began having prayer serice in each others homes throughout the Fentress community.  The homes became too small to accommodate the growing number of worshippers.


Due to finances and membership the whole community met in one church.  It was later decided by the body that there needed to be two churches.  Centerville Chapel was erected and named in 1900.  Each church only had service twice a month on Sunday.


Centerville was the second black church to be built in the Fentress community in the 1900's.  The church gave part of their land to the County for a public school for blacks.  The land was later returned once the school was gone for $6,000.  


Centerville was once a circuit church with Gordon Chapel (one preacher served both congregations). We became a station church in 1979 under Rev. H.B. Cross. We have built a new church and remodeled several times.  

 Our History

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