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                          November 28-December  4
Mon     My Sheep Hear My Voice
                     (John 10:22-30)
Tue       Guided by the Spirit
                    (John 16:1-15)
Wed      God Will Rise Up with Mercy
                     (Isaiah 30:18-26)
Thurs    Recounting God's Goodness
                     (Psalm 103:1-12)
Fri          God's Everlasting Love
                     (Psalm 103:13-22)
Sat        Zechariah's Prayer Is Answered
                     (Luke 1:5-17)
Sun      Hear and Believe
                      (Luke 1:18-25)


                 Children were given parents so their basic needs could be met.  It is a parent's job to provide food, shelter, and clothing.  In a healthy home, if the children need anything else, they know they can go to their parents any time and ask for what they need. 
                  This is what the Father wants from us.  When we are in need He wants us to approach the throne.  We shouldn't be afraid to go to our Father who supplies ALL of our needs.  He says he will give us the mercy and grace we desperately need.  We must not be timid and afraid.  Approach Him with confidence. 



    "Let us approach God's throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.

                               --   Hebrews 4:16--    

       Whatcha Lookin 4  Kirk Franklin
           Whatcha lookin 4
           I know whatcha lookin 4 
           Whactcha searching 4
           You don't have to search more...      
           What you want (what you want)
           I got it (I got it)
  What you need (What you need)
           I know whatcha looking 4.     










Below are some notices and opportunities to serve.


Happy Blessed Birthday to all  those born in the month

as well as those celebrating anniversaries and

other milestones in the month of December. 

  Nov 30  Conference Call Bible Study

      Wednesday Evening at 7pm
      Dial : 1(267) 807-9601
      Access: 737484#
    Dec 2   Male Choir Rehearsal     
          Friday Morning at 11ampm

       Dec.  4  In-Person/Con. Call Sunday School                               
         Sunday Morning at 11 am
                                              Dial: 1(267) 807-9601                        
         Access Code : 737484#
       Dec  4 In Person/ Con. Call Sunday Worship 

     Sunday Morning at 11 am                                                Dial: 1(267) 807-9601                             
       Access Code : 737484#