Home Daily Readings

                     June 14, 2021-June 20, 2021

Mon     Fringe, Aid to Remember God's Commandments                            
                       (Numbers 15:37-41)

Tues     Disciples and Family Witness Girl's Healing                            
                       (Luke 8:40-42, 49-56)

Wed     Woman Testifies to Jesus' Healing Touch                 
                       (Luke 8:42-48)

Thur    Jesus Opens Eyes of Blind Man                           
                       (Matthew 9:27-31)     

Fri        Jesus Restores Speech to Mute Man                           
                       (Matthew 9:32-34)          

Sat      Join the Lord's Harvest Today          
                       (Matthew 9:35-10:1)       

Sun    Faith in God Heals Many Ills                        
                       (Matthew 9:18-26)    

           For the past week there's a song that I have been 
         humming off and on.  Some of you may have heard the song
               Below are the lyrics:

                The other day I cried so many tears,
                I had so many fears deep down inside.
                I was so worried about all of my troubles
               And how could I get through them and still wear a smile....
               Now here's the hook.

               Let the weak say, I am strong, I can make I gotta get on up.
               Take up your bed and walk.

    That song gives me comfort in knowing that God sees and knows
everything I'm going through and won't give me more that I can bear.
The same way God is there to pick us up with must look within
ourselves for that inner strength to keep the faith and move through
the pain, fears, and doubt. I dare you to trust God, pray, and let
His strength help you get up out of that situation.

           I Can Make It--Bishop Hezekiah Walker

           In His words, I've read his strength was perfect in
             my weakness.         

           So when I'm weak, then I am made strong            
           And He'll give me the strength to carry on......        
           Let the weak say, I am strong                                 
           I can make it, I gotta get on up                               








Below are some notices and opportunities to serve.


Happy Blessed Birthday to all  those born in the month

of  June

      June 16 Conference Call Bible Study

      Wednesday Evening at 7pm
      Dial : 1(712) 775-7031
      Access: 737484#
       June 19 Doughnuts for Dad      

Saturday Morning at 11am           
       June 20 Conference Call Sunday School

       Sunday Morning at 9:45am    
       Dial: 1(712) 775-7031
        Access: 737484#
       June 20 Conference Call Worship Service

       Sunday Morning at 11am         
       Dial: 1(712) 775-7031
       Access: 737484#