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                            Home Daily Bible Reading   
                                 December 4-December 10
Mon    Faith Expressed Through Courage
                     (Joshua 1:1-9)
Tue    David's Son Came to Serve
                    (Matthew 20:25-34)
Wed     Ask In Prayer With Faith
                     (Matthew 21:18-22)
Thurs    Prophets Speak God's Word
                     (Psalm 27)
Fri          Rekindle God's Gift and Stand Firm
                     (2 Timothy 1:3-14)
Sat          Israel's Wavering Faith
                     (1 Samuel 17:1,3-4,8,20-30)
Sun       Faith That God Will Act
                      (1 Samuel 17:31-37,45,48-50) 


               Have you been i a spiritual storm?  Storms are painful because they expose our weaknesses and doubt before us and God--and sometimes others.  Often God uses, and sometimes even creates storms so that he can have our undivided attention.

          God isn't being cruel to Job in his questioning.  He is helping Job see that God is much bigger.  If God was capable of orchestrating the intricate design of the earth, then surely he is capable of leading Job's life with the same care and wisdom.  Even though it might look otherwise, God is to be trusted.  Listen for his voice in your storm.

     "Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth?  Tell me, if you have understanding."
                               --Job 38:4--    
          The Better Benediction  Part 1~ PJ Morton
          Don't worry 'bout it, leave it alone,
          'cause it will get,
           Better, better

          Hope you believe it, by the end of this song, it will get,
           Better, better
          Oh, you been fighting' for way too long, aye,
           Better, better
           You gotta keep goin', keep goin'
            Better, better...










Below are some notices and opportunities to serve.


Happy Blessed Birthday to all  those born in the month

as well as those celebrating anniversaries and

other milestones in the month of December

      Dec 6    BibleStudy  & Board Meeting
      Wednesday at 7pm
Meeting ID:848 1893 5521              
     Dial: 1(267) 807-9601
      Access Code: 737484#
     Board Meeting at 7pm  
         Dec 7  Trustee Board Meeting
        Thursday Evening at 6pm
         Dec 10 Sunday  School
      Sunday Morning at 945am         
         Meeting ID:848 1893 5521
         Dial: 1(267) 807-9601
        Access Code: 737484#
           Dec 10 Sunday Worship Service
Sunday Morning at 11am 
    Meeting ID:848 1893 5521                  
           Dial: 1(267) 807-9601
           Access Code: 737484#
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