"Cause I'm unstoppable ,ain't no hoping and wishing, Say a prayer ,catch a wave and I go out and get it. 'Cause I can be what I want, try it if I want. Powered by the King and HE won't let

me fall"-gospel artist Koryn Hawthrone. How often do we doubt ourselves in life? How often do we listen to friends and family that say we can't or won't do what we say? We keep their doubts in the back of our minds like a silent playlist. The scripture tells us we can do ALL things in Christ that strengthens. If we know that's true why do we put our trust in others word when God's word should be the final say? What man sees as impossible God can make possible. Keep trusting in Him and His word. Pray and work your faith. God can and will work it out for our good. You are special and no one can take that from you, be who you're supposed to be:Unstoppable. Walk in Boldness, Unstoppable: Serve with love: Unstoppable. Go get your blessing: Unstoppable! Why? Powered by the King because He won't let you fall.

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