This Christmas

It's that time of year again: the week before Christmas! Last minute decorating, shopping, and travel plans. In the midst of all the craziness we tend to forget the true meaning of Christmas. The Hope, Joy, Peace, and Love that Jesus would bring to the world. As we think about this let's share this with everyone this season, this Christmas.

'Jesus Oh what a wonderful child, so Holy, Meek, and Mild. new life, new hope to all He brings, listen to the angels sing; glory, glory glory to the new born KING!

As we sing and celebrate with family and friends let's not forget about the people who are struggling during the holidays. If you see someone with a frown, give them your smile. The elderly lady with no family, invite her to dinner. The child with nothing for Christmas, buy a small gift. It's not the size of the gift you give its the love that's put into the gift. This Christmas let's spread HOPE for better days, JOY of what God has in store, the PEACE that He will give you, and the LOVE that He commanded us to give to one another.

As we think of that wonderful child that would be called Immanuel, ('God with Us')let us share this with those who are in need and love. No matter how alone you may feel, He is always there with us. Just call on Him and he will answer your call. Believe!!!! This Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!

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