Band-Aids: The Cover Up

Picture this: You're seven years old and riding your brand new bike. Out of nowhere there's a huge rock in your path. You make a sharp right and you fall and scrape your arm. What do you do? You go inside and ask for a band-aid. A band-aid is an adhesive bandage used to cover a wound. I'm pretty sure you didn't leave the band-id on for years did you?

Picture this: You're twenty-seven years old successful, always on the go with various projects, yet lonely. You never let people get too close to you. Abandoned by your mother, abused by relatives so you keep people at arm's length. What is this? A band-aid to a much deeper problem.

This may not be your problem, but many individuals place band-aids on problems as a permanent fix. A band-aid is only temporary. In order to heal you have to expose the wound to air. As a seven year old child you have to take the band-aid off to let your arm finish healing. The twenty-seven year old needs to realize that their distrust of people has caused them to consume and isolate themselves. A life of isolation isn't good for anyone.

No matter what we go through we must take it to GOD! Psalm 147:3 tells us, "He Heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds."

Covering up a temporary problem only makes a mole hill grow into a mountain. It's harder to manage. Read and trust God's word. Don't be afraid to seek professional help as well. If you have a trusted friend, relative, or minister don't be afraid to seek help. TOO problem is too big or small for God.

I am NOT stuck on Band-Aid and Band-Aid is NOT stuck on me!

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