I Got That!

I got that V-I-C-T-O-R-Y, I've got no reason to fear I've got Jesus on my side.

I got that, AAA!

I got that JESUS! I GOT THAT!

I've been reading this devotional called 'Fate or Faith' and it is really interesting. Did you know that a lot of people feel that whatever happens to them will just happen and it's their fate? As a believer I know that this isn't true. So what about faith? Faith isn't something that we can get alone. You can't borrow it or buy it. Faith comes by believing and trusting in GOD. Our faith grows more as we read his word, pray, and put Him first. Faith doesn't happen overnight. Our life could be in turmoil, but with our faith in Him we can still smile and endure because we know that victory is on the way. We have victory in Jesus!! Isn't that great news? So like the song says there's no reason to fear. We have Jesus and that's more than ENOUGH! What are your thoughts?

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