STAND ing Alone

July 23, 2018

This journey called life has many ups and downs.  I'll never forget the day I gave my whole heart to Christ five and a half years ago.  Like a new born baby I was ready to learn and explore everything the world had to offer me.  Of course the road wasn't easy, but nothing worth having is easy.  The more I grew in this 'new' me I realized I had placed a clearance tag on my worth.  Downplaying what God had for me, pushing in the background what the spirit had already revealed, but too afraid to leave my normal, my village.  I began to pray.  I asked God to guide me, remove what is not of Him, prepare me and use me for His glory. The scripture says, " I CAN DO ALL Things through him who strengthens me" Philippians 4:13.   I no  longer am  afraid when its time to stand.  I no longer have fear in my worship and praise. I no longer worry about what people say about my change. I no longer have fear when no one understands when I choose to STAND ALONE.


I can't water down my faith to make anyone else comfortable.   I must say it's amazing when you get to a place when you stand alone, but  you are still not alone.  Gone are the days my praise was watered down for those surrounding me.  I speak, praise, and move in my authority.  

The song says.....


I'm walking in authority, living life without apology,

It's not wrong dear, I belong here.

So you might as well get use to me!!!



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