Still Say Thankful

November 13, 2017

Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away.  Thanksgiving we know is a time when we share with family and friends to give thanks for blessings.  I often think of a question I heard on the radio driving into work. " What if you only woke up with only the things you've thanked God for?"  Hmmm. Some of us


would be in big trouble. We take for granted the many ways He's blessed us and don't spend time with the father.  Aren't you glad that He loves us in spite of and still continues to keep us even we don't offer our thanks to Him?  There are so many things to thank Him for.  We don't realize in a blink of an eye everything we have can be gone.  Let's start thanking HIM for ALL THINGS ALL the time. WILL YOU THANK HIM FOR EVERYTHING HE'S DONE TODAY, TOMOOROW?

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