August 18, 2017

As I sit at my desk at work I begin to listen to my morning praise and worship music to get my day going.   Here's the first three songs: 

I've Got a Reason to Praise the Lord (Hezekiah Walker)

Thank You (Mary Mary)

Incredible (Mary Mary) 

Of course I sing along and sometimes my coworkers come in and catch me praising.  For one I have a reason to praise him because He woke me up this morning to rise and go along my way without any assistance from noone BUT Him. That's enough to thank him for.  "I can't believe you chose someone like me I did nothing to deserve it. I feel so blessed because you gave me your best your love is nothing less than Incredible."  I intentionally spelled thank with an x at the beginning for a reason.  Why? Because X is my variable of infinite times I that I need to give him thanks.  At home, at work, in church, at the park, and any and everywhere I may be. I thank Him  for all he's done for me. Have you thanked God today?  Feel free to share how thankful you are.




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