Giving In

August 9, 2017

How many times have you been sitting in church when the Pastor is making the invitation to Christ and your heart is saying  go but your head is saying no everyone is watching? How many times have you heard a song that touches your soul but won't clap or get up to offer praises because the fear of people watching? Or you have a gift that God has called you to help others, yet you are afraid of what others will think? You are giving in to the devil and his schemes to keep you from Christ and salvation. You are denying yourself the joy of accepting the joy that only God can give. GIVE In to Christ!  Give In to Praise.  No one can separate you from the love of Jesus but you. Give In to your heart that's yearning for a closer relationship with  him.  What are you holding in that's stopping you from giving in to the master??


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