Embrace Your Weakness

May 21, 2017

The Apostle Paul suffered from some sort of physical pain.  There's been many debate  on was it his eyes, malaria, or epilepsy.  The bible doesn't say, but it does tell us that it kept Paul in a lot of pain. If we look at our own lives there are weakness that we all have.  We pray  for God to take the pain or hurt away.  What if God doesn't take the pain away?  What if His answer is no just like when Paul kept crying out for his ailment to be taken away?  Do you know that when you are weak you are strong?  God uses our weakness to strengthen as well as others.  Your weakness can allow you to  empathize with others with the same weakness.  It's one thing to feel sorry for someone, but totally different when you know it firsthand.  Don't think of your weakness as extra weight on your shoulders.  God does His greatest works in us through our weaknesses.  Your weakness may be the sparring partner to strengthen and condition you for what's ahead.

Embrace your weakness, pray and ask God to guide you, and continue to stay in the word.

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