Generational // Divide

If you attend church today I know you may have seen this whether in your church or somewhere else? The Generational divide. Young people sitting separate from the seasoned saints, or the church has either a younger congregation or a congregation of seasoned saints. Why do we have this divide? The seasoned christian's feel that youngsters are too hyper and have taken this new praise and worship to a whole level that is either noisy or as some say "the devil's music.' The younger generation feel that it's a way for them to express themselves on their level besides singing hymns and 'spirituals.'

Shouldn't there be a balance? There's nothing wrong with traditional, but don't we need some change in order to grow? Isn't there room for both? There's room for songs from Tye Tribbet as well as James Cleveland songs. Although songs may change, but the WORD remains the same. What do you think about the generational divide in our churches? What can be done to bridge the gap?

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