Conservative Praise & Worship, Conservative Blessing

It's Sunday morning and you're ready for church service. You walk in to and notice there's a guest preacher who's long winded today, the choir that sings all hymns are in the choir stand, and Sister So and So in in your seat! HMMP! You still take a seat, but you've already tuned yourself out from praise and worship because of your train of thought. Has anyone (including myself) been guilty of this? Be honest saints. When we come into God's house we come in order to receive something. How many of us come into God's house to give something? We are giving God conservative praise and worship. A little hand clap here maybe a little amen there barely listening to the preacher. What if G

You are an S.O.S

F For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb." (Psalm 139:13) When God made you, He did it intentionally. And from before the moment your life began, He's never stopped loving you. Yes, YOU. The real you. The you that has faults. The you that screws up. The you that you can’t stand being stuck with sometimes. When you have a hard time accepting something about yourself, you start projecting — both to God and to people. Insecurity will trap you in a false image. You start filtering your life to look a certain way. While this might help you "fit in," it won’t help you feel loved and accepted. God, through Jesus Christ, loves the real you, and if you want to start

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