To Love Like Christ??

Unconditional Love. How many of us know what this mean? Unconditional love is caring without limitations or conditions. People are lied to, deceived, heartbroken, and took for granted everyday. Do you really forgive them or do you hide it away somewhere for a later time to resurface? That's not really love. Christ loves us in spite of our sins we commit over and over again. We were created in his own image so what does that say? Each day we are to strive to be Christ-like in our walk. Of course we are going to get angry or be hurt because we are only flesh. Once the initial feeling is over what now? How do you strive to love like Christ? What Can you learn to love like Christ? What

Don't Be a Garbage Disposal

During Sunday School the topic was "A Sound Mind." As the discussion was getting deep the subject came up about negative people and negative thoughts? As God's children we are taught to be there for those who are in need. So what happens when you have done all you can do for someone who's always negative? What happens once they have drained your happiness? Or they drop their problems on you? Help doesn't mean be a drop of site for another person's drama, garbage, and negative energy. When do you know you've given enough? Your thoughts?

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